Spiros Kaloumenos (GR)

After more than 12 years in the techno scene, with appearances in the biggest techno festivals like Awakenings, Techno Flash, Dreambeach, Apokalypsa and some of the most prolific clubs around the world , Spiros is no doubt the Greek Techno Ambassador.
Born & raised in Piraeus, the biggest port of Greece, at an early age he discovered that music was more than just a hobby…For many years Spiros gets involved in the greek dance media with his articles on dance magazines, radio and later some tv shows.
As a DJ, he is a sure crowd pleaser and his sets include a combination of the newest forms of techno blended with unique mixing style. But djing was not enough for Spiros. The passion to create his own sound forced him to music production. When he started producing, he had Marco Bailey’s support, and later he became key member to MB group of labels.

In the begining was the Techno…

The journey continues as Spiros launches “Omega Audio Recordings“ which was one of the hottest techno labels worldwide featuring international artists with a huge support from techno scene heavyweights .
He keeps getting public recognition and was nominated for 2 years in a row (2008 – 2009) as best techno DJ in the SEEME festival awards (the biggest South East Europe Music Festival)
Not a long time after all this, started his second label with a more personal sound, which is something that was always in his mind. The birth of his second imprint “Analog Mode Records“ started on March 2008 and received massive support.
From 2002 since now , Spiros has released on some of the most respected techno labels like: Primate, MB Elektronics, Kombination Research,Codeworks, Phobiq, Driving Forces, Planet Rhythm, Rhythm Convert etc…and his tracks are charted and supported by the best DJ’s in the techno scene.
After many years of hard work including over 60 vinyl releases , gigs around the world, radio shows with dedication and focusing on techno music, Spiros creates his third label that reflects his sound as it developed nowadays through the new modern influences of techno. It’s like his personal touch to
the sound that established him all these years, but this time he wants to take it one step further. “Focus Records” is launched on February 2010.
His sound has evolved after many years of experimentation, in fact Spiros describes his new sound as a mixture of dark, pumping, forward thinking techno.
At the moment he is hosting a monthly radio show «Focus Records podcast» including international guests, cooperates with artists like The Advent, Industrialyzer, Cari Lekebusch and prepares his second album !
Always faithful and focused on the techno sound this artist keeps spreading his music all over the world and the same is expected for the future.